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"Magnified and in Focus" Submissions


Thank you to all of those who have submitted research and creative works! Our authors and creators are the most important part of our mission. We will be onboarding and training some new editors in late July, at which point you can expect to receive a response/decision in regards to your submission. We look forward to your future submissions; there is a maximum of three submissions per each journal issue. 

Please remember the final deadline for the upcoming issue is August 1st!


The Tourniquet Team

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"Magnified and in Focus"


Tourniquet is currently accepting submissions for our second issue, "Magnified and in Focus." Submissions are encouraged, but not required to follow this theme. 

The Tourniquet staff is currently in the process of applying for a Pubmed ID, but this will require 25 peer-reviewed articles. Thank you for your patience. 

Current submission deadline: Aug 1, 2023

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